2015 Florida Excellence Award Winners

April 2, 2015 – Florida Excellence announces that West Kendall Baptist Hospital in Miami, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at the Orlando International Airport, St. Johns Tax Collector Dennis W. Hollingsworth’s office in St. Augustine, will receive the prestigious 2015 Florida Customer Excellence Award.

These coveted awards will be given at the 2015 Florida Excellence Award Banquet at the Orlando Marriott Lakeside on Thursday, April 23, 2015.

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West Kendal Baptist Hospital

West Kendall Baptist Hospital opened to the public in April 2011 as Miami-Dade County’s first brand-new hospital in more than 35 years. It is part of Baptist Health South Florida, the largest faith-based, not-for-profit healthcare organization in the region. Situated on a 30-acre property, the hospital supports a vision of West Kendall as a convenient central hub where area residents can live, work and play.

West Kendall Baptist Hospital has demonstrated a consistently high level of customer service excellence for each of its three key customer groups. Inpatients, outpatients and emergency department patients overall customer satisfaction and engagement results are at the top one percent when compared to all hospitals in Florida.

Email Contact: Ralph Rios, Vice President

Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Orlando International Airport

Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Orlando International Airport strives to serve as a role model of leadership and organizational excellence, focused on providing world class security and world class customer service. TSA Orlando annually processes over 18 million passengers and over 50 million checked and carry-on bags. Through the use of emerging technology and expanded Risk Based Security initiatives, passengers in Orlando International Airport screening wait times averaged less than 8 minutes for standard screening, while their TSA Pre Checked passengers enjoyed average wait times of 5 minutes or less.

TSA has implemented an annual customer satisfaction survey of travelers departing Orlando International Airport since 2011.  A local business college was employed to independently design, analyze and validate the results.  The surveys are intentionally conducted to gage the guest experience during peak travel periods in the spring. Overall customer satisfaction and engagement results exceeded well over 90 percent, for both leisure and business travelers.  The questions measured courtesy of the TSA Officers, confidence in TSA keeping travelers safe, and their overall experience at the security checkpoint.

Email Contact: Carlos Amado, Program Analyst

St. Johns County Tax Collector – Dennis W. Hollingsworth, CFC

St. Johns County Tax Collector Dennis W. Hollingsworth, CFC, has a passion for customer service – a passion he has instilled throughout his organization. Exceeding customer expectations and constantly keeping the customer first in all transactions is the standard at all five branches.

The 65-person workforce begins a transaction with the expectation of excellence, and each person is empowered to do whatever is necessary to satisfy the customer being served. SJTC staff always remembers that customers are their neighbors, their friends, their community being served.

For more than four years SJTC has implemented a customer satisfaction and engagement survey processes asking its customer for feedback on their performance. Questions includes satisfaction with lobby wait time, transaction time, staff knowledge and professionalism. Customer satisfaction results have steadily improved with customers at all locations consistently reporting 98 percent to 99 percent customer satisfaction and engagement.

Email Contact: Patsy Heiss, Records Management Liaison Officer

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